Modernization Solutions

Maximize asset value & fleet performance

Our Modernization solutions transform 20+ year old locomotives to extend asset life 和 reduce operating costs.

Solutions can range from a control system upgrade to complete transformation of an aged DC locomotive into an AC locomotive outfitted with state-of-the-art digital technology. Each solution is tailored to a customer’s unique operation 和 technology needs to maximize return on investment.

全球最大网赌正规平台 has completed over 1,800 modernizations on a broad range of models, including U-Series, c系列, Dash 8, Dash 9, 和AC4400, in more than 24 countries. We are serving the majority of the North American Class I railroads.

Modernization Solutions

New Life for Old 机车s


Modernization Solutions deliver up to:

  • 50% tractive effort increase
  • 30% fuel efficiency improvement
  • 40% reliability enhancement
  • 25% adhesion increase

Key 功能:


  • 发动机升级
  • MFI to EFI Upgrade
  • Fuel System Solutions
  • Cooling system upgrades

Traction Systems:

  • Traction System Conversion
  • Advanced Tractive Effort Package
  • Drivetrain Health Monitor System
  • Truck Enhancement
  • Digital Solutions
  • Control Systems upgrade
  • IGBT based electronics
  • GoLINC mobile data platform
  • Locotrol® Distributed 权力 和 Trip Optimizer train h和ling systems
  • Platform 和 Body
  • Operator Cab Refresh
  • Platform Improvement

Modernization Solutions